Water, water, water


Given the rains and flooding disaster that has visited our area I feel sort of guilty being fascinated with water imagery. Water is such a powerful force in our lives,and such a vital need. –too little, too much, clean and pure, dirty and contaminated, flowing gently and roaring through our lives.  We have suffered from drought in Colorado and it is such a terrible shock to see what sudden heavy rain can do. We are suddenly very aware of former creek beds and low lying areas, and where water will force its way.  As well we feel the vulnerability of our homes, roads, and bridges–and our very lives.

 And yet— on a recent trip I photographed many beautiful and fascinating images of water.  –colorful reflections in water, distortions of light and line that I am obsessed with.  –and then there are the markings left by water–in sand and mud, down manmade walls, along rock cliffs.

It is a recurring theme in my work.  On this trip to the Northwest I tooks hundreds of images that set my creative mind working and I am eager to get back to work.









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