The Making of Reverberations



Reverberations:  Yellowstone Waters  started with photos from Yellowstone hot pools.  Here are four unaltered photos I took:






The only alterations I made on the two I used for the quilt were brightening,upping the contrast, intensifying the color saturation, and elongating them.  Elongating (changing the dimensions in the Image Size dialogue box) made the shapes more interesting, gave me a more usable, less square image for my blocks, and didn’t change the wateriness of the image into anything unrecognizable.  –as seen below–



The colors printed were very similar to the monitor colors (not always the case) and were this very lovely turquoise that was only slightly more intense than the original photo.These two panels printed on charmeuse silk and cropped in different ways constituted the main blocks for the quilt.  I played with design possibilities on the computer. Here are a couple:

Design #4


Design # 7

Design #10

Design #10 is the one most like what the quilt turned out to be.  Final decisions were made on the design wall and there was some additional cropping and rearrangement.  Each small quilt sandwich (approximately 14″ high by 8″ to 12″ wide) was quilted and embroidered individually before being attached to its neighbors.  The connecting stitching is very much in evidence and emphasizes the block structure and repetition.  Some added embroideryof floating things and bubbles, and the quilting lines were added to cross the seam lines.


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