The Great Sand Dunes

On the way back from our annual Santa Fe Opera Extravaganza (5 operas in 6 days) we stopped at The Great Sand Dunes National Park. This is an almost annual stop for me to experience the magical quality of this wonderous place.

The pictures I took are doubly valuable to me because I thought I had lost my camera (and the photos on the memory card in it).  Lost in the house is much better than lost at the dunes or lost on the road somewhere!


Medano Creek is usually dry at this time of year, but walking up the creek bed for almost a mile yielded the always fascinating view of the tail end (or beginning?) of the creek with its narrow stream meandering amongst the sand ripples and pushing bubbly foam ahead of it.

The close up views frame abstract images that I am easily beguiled by.  The quilt series from 6 years ago called the Sand Pictures Series are still among my favorite work and were based on similar photos.


Artist At Work




There is plenty of inspiration and plenty of photos to play with in Photoshop.  Ripples and lines of ripples are part of my current obsessions–even apart from the images of sky or trees the water reflects.  Check back for more digital quilts from these photos.


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