The difficult part

While taking photos is fun and easy, the hard part comes when trying to keep myself from rushing in and developing the first design that comes to mind. 

The series I am starting–or is it continuing?–after I have been working on the Ruins Series for over a year is a good example.  From my list of themes that I want to work within I have chosen the water one again.  But to choose which photo series to work from is a  challenge for me.  To choose one is to relegate others to later or perhaps not al all.  So I keep looking at my photos and design play from the last couple of years.  Do I choose the ones from last spring with the wind rippling lovely patterns over Lake Estes?  Or do I pick ocean waves crashing against the shore?  Or then there are the lovely turquoise sky reflections while waiting on the ferry or at the locks in Seattle?  –and so on……

I have to try to find the ones that “speak to me” right now.  What are their visually strong features?  What quilt like things can I do with them? 

–so I embark on several forms of study:  1) I look at or start anew various digital designs I have played with–Are there any I really want to use right now?  2) I make paper prints of strong photos and digital artwork and start cutting and making paper collage studies –to get a feel for how they look as components either singley or repeated;

Collage Study1 Collage Study2



3) I print some out on the silk I like to use– in several different sizes and from the two printers–Will I use just one printer?  or can I mix prints from both?  What happens to the color, the pixels, the image in general as I enlarge them beyond the 180 resolution that would be best for photo realism.  The 3880 does better with true grays–Are there a lot of grays or do I like the slightly lavender tint of the 2200?  Will I want the wide 16″ prints, but only 36″ length of the 3880?  Or do I want some longer prints of 12″ X 44″? 

I pin them up on the design wall to live with for a while before printing more and/or deciding on a plan.


It is difficult for me not to rush into it. I want to get at printing, layering, and stitching.  Yet I suspect my work will be better if I experiement more, do more studies, and take more time evaluating results.

I do not dislike this part so it not exactly the part I like least, but it is the part I should practice more, I think.

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