Playing with Photoshop painting



In keeping with my idea that I can use digital means to create surface design type artwork I want to describe some of the techniques I have used.

Here I show the results from playing around with digital painting using Photoshop brushes.  I am just using my finger and touchpad mouse which is a bit challenging! But as you can see interesting ‘canvases’ can be made.


You can use Photoshop’s preset brushes as in this one:

Oil Medium Wet Brush

Oil Medium Wet Brush


Or you can make your own brushes. The following use a cloud brush I made from a detail section of a photograph of a cloud. First I defined the area of the photograph and saved as a brush preset. It appears as a black and white image in your menu of brushes.

P1040643--cloud brush defined area

Here is an example of beginning to paint with my cloud brush–single clicks and lines of continuous strokes across the touchpad.  Adjusting opacity gives different effects. You can layer them over each other.

Cloud brush 2


You can use all the menus and brush characteristics to layer for different effects. Below I used the clone tool also to repeat areas I liked.  It is a lot of fun to play with all the possibilities using different color schemes.


Cloud brush 3



Other examples:





Then you can duplicate layers and use your different blending modes to achieve still more possibilities. 



Add more white clouds and a tree photo layer and have more design possibilities.




And this one I have used as a background for a large digital composition that I printed in sections on silk and used in a quilt. You will see it in the next post.



Two books I recommend if you really want to get into it are:  Digital Collage and Painting by Susan Ruddick Bloom and Best Digital Brushes for Photoshop by Susannah Hall.

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