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Marsh Morning Mists

Marsh Morning Mists

How to use your photos–realistic vs abstract……

There are many ways of using photography with quilt and textile art.  At the SAQA website there is an online gallery , curated by Alison Schwabe, of artists who use photography in different ways. My quilt, Marsh Morning Mists, is included.

For most it is more than “just” inspiration. Some print their photos on cloth and use them directly and realistically.  Some use silk screen instead of direct printing. Some do a great deal of transformation with photoshop like I do.  Some use the photos as patterns for their cloth interpretations. 

Most people seem to use the realism that a photograph can convey.  More and more I find myself interested in the abstract qualities of the shapes and lines rather than what the reality of the photo actually is. …and I like the puzzle-like aspect of cutting, rearranging, pasting these lines in different arrangements. The content of the image becomes almost secondary.

StripesInThe Water2

StripesInThe Water1



Other artists with similar interests are: Gay Lasher, and Dan Olfe   Check them out.



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