“Natural” Polka Dots

Happy Valentines Day


While thinking about where I could find photos of natural dots, circles, and polka dots recently, I noticed the sun shining through the bubbles on the inside of the plastic container of my humidifer set up in the studio because of our very dry winter and my sinus problems. 

Being willing to try to capture any image, I used both the intelligent zoom setting and the action setting on my little Panasonic Lumix to take pictures of these sunlit bubbles, getting various arrangements, sizes, and focuses.  Many of the images captured the little prismatic qualities of these little dots and circles very nicely.


Using Photoshop I heightened contrast and darkened the images for more contrast in layering.


Used in separate layers, with a color gradient layer in between and playing with various blending modes I created a number of colorful multi-circular image “paintings”.  The uneven light, reflections, and other “noise” in the photos gives interesting color bands.   Even the out of focus ones create interesting hazy but still circular effects. Some of the blending modes imitate a hand stamping or stenciling look by accentuating the edges of the circles. 


One of these serves as background for Valentines Day cards by adding hearts and musical notes from the Photoshop menu of shapes with the custom shapes tool. Again I used several different blending modes to get some of the uneven background coloring inside the hearts and added some stroking to some of the shapes. –a good opportunity to play with and learn more about how another of the Photoshop tools work.


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