More Fun With Inversion, Stretching, and the Distort Filter


I have shown in previous blog posts how I use inversion as a photoshop tool to create elements of my imagery.  I use it quite frequently, combining the inverted image with color gradient layers and various blending modes. 

Water photographs have contributed to my “landscape painting”.  The following are examples of design play that have been used in several of my recent quilts.


water at the base of a waterfall



blue mountain design

Stretched in width and with added drippy line photo-drawing from earlier work ( see earlier post September 25, 2012) it became this design which was the basis for Smoke And Ashes  of the Ruins Series. 
Further modifications to the design were made with the distortion>displace filter using a closeup photo of a Scottish castle rock wall to distort with. (The distort filter gives some interesting results sometimes.) The designs were composed at 5400 X 5400 pixels and printed in sections to create a 36″ X 36″ quilt.  Blowing up the designs creates interesting pixelation that looks very painterly on the silk.

another step in the design process


added rock effects with distort filter

A second example of what I consider “landscape painting” is created with the inversion of the water cascade photo below.  The small rocks become mountains and yet the leaves on the bush suggest a foreground plant that we are looking through.  You will see quilts based on versions of this design later. 

another water cascade photo


mountains in the mists design


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