more digitized embroidery

Although you can digitize any drawing for the purpose of embroidering, I really like the drawings that result from my photographs. Another example is shown below.  A photo was taken on a crisp cold walk along Lake Granby in the mountains of Colorado. Zeroing in on the details of the grasses revealed interesting silhouettes. Wouldn’t it be great to embroider grasses?

 Isolating a few blades of grass and cropping the image yields something that can be turned into a black and white drawing, cleaned up a little, saved as a bitmap file. I like to use the stamp filter from the Photoshop Elements sketch filters to create my drawings. Then the drawing can be digitized with the auto digitize function of the embroidery software and the Bernina 730 embroidery module can embroider those lovely realistic blades of grass.

I embroidered different components of the grass drawings onto a collage of digital prints of the original photo on silk.  Size changes, color changes, variegated threads, and overlapping layers of stitches create a dense embroidered surface.

original photo of grasses against the lake

one of the cropped images isolated from that photo


black and white bitmap 'drawing"


Embroidered grasses on a collage of digital prints using original photo


Detail of embroidered grasses on a digital print collage of the original photo

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