Digital Alterations of Original Photograph

Since much of my time is spent looking at my photographs and playing with various digital alterations, I often wish I could show those with the finished quilted cloth artwork. I like to see the evolution from photograph of a detail of the real world to digital alteration to print on cloth to stitched print on cloth.

Photographing the reflections of aspen tree trunks on a pond resulted in some interesting images with the surrounding shrubbery transformed by the ripples into odd abstracted rectangles of color.

Original Photograph

Playing with various color gradations in Photoshop Elements I came up with many color variations of this one photo design.

Gradient 6
Printing multiples of several of these colorways produced interesting compositions.

Print 2 15 & 16
Stitching allows me to emphasize certain things in the print—in this case the rectangularity of those background details and making the vertical lines of the tree trunks more prominent in the over all designs.

Watercolor 2 Detail
Several small quilts were done in this series in addition to Aspen Watercolor Reflection seen in the Gallery section of the website. The two mini-quilts shown are 8” X 12”.  Water Color Mini Quilts 1 and 2

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