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Solutions for my printer problems



A friend gave me a sample of the Fabrisign coated silk charmeuse from the Jacquard people in California. I have made 10 some prints now with my Epson 3880 and am %100 sold on this.  Not only does the coating, specially made for both dye-based and pigment inks, yield rich colors, dark blacks, and very strong lines and details, but there is no mess or unevenness of application that other coating procedures involve.

You do pay extra for these advantages, but [...]

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Technical and Artistic Challenges

While I enjoy many benefits from printing my digital designs myself on my own choice of fabric with my dedicated studio printers, I often face real challenges that are less enjoyable.

I had used an Epson 2200 for 10 years with only a few problems. In general it was, still is, a workhorse that prints nicely on my fabrics.  A couple of years ago I decided it would be nice to have a wider print so I bought an Epson 3880 [...]

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Using Inktense pencils and blocks






I have used Derwent’s Inktense Watersoluable Pencils to add small dots of more intense color to my digital prints on silk.  An example is the detail above from the quilt, Color of Dreams, where the bright bits of magenta and orange were enhanced after printing and during quilt construction.  

These pencils (and the blocks made of the same material) become bright and colorfast when wet. You can either wet them after applying them, or you can apply them to [...]

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