Wrinkles, Lines and Scars

Having recently passed another birthday this little quilt seems appropriate.  I entered it in a SAQA show competition on metaphors of aging,  but it didn’t get chosen.   
I had found some unfinished work with images of aspen bark with varying degrees of age, abuse by elk and human, and the ravages of the environment.  These had been printed on silk noil and were fairly even toned and almost monochromatic.  The roughness of the silk noil suggests the bark roughness and I had started stitching and embroidering the lines and patterns of the photographic image with contrasting shiny rayon threads.  But still the project had derailed and been ignored for a while. 
Cutting up the partially embroidered pieces, rearranging them, and butting them up against each other revived my interest in them as abstract imagery.  I finished stitching and embellishing. Now the composition pleases me and I have one less unfinished artwork lying around.
Maybe it will be the start of a new series of small works featuring embroidered abstracts from nature.

Wrinkles, Lines, and Scars



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