Working in a Series



Working in a series can be thought of in different ways–especially when considering digital work.

I frequently “reuse” digital designs that I like, each time with a little (or even large) change.  Having created a design in a pleasing turquoise-black-brown-yellowgreen color scheme and with a watery look, I have used it in many ways.  I have a hard time remembering how it originated, since I so often play at the computer layering one image over another with color gradient layers between and using different blending modes. I keep the resulting designs often without adequate notes as to how I achieved them.  Then they evolve from one design session to the next. This design came from the Deep Pool Series, I think, and fits well with many of my water themed quilts.  It has been adapted to the distorted rock and Ruins Series work too. It is a color scheme and textured look I really like partly because it is not a photographically realistic anymore.


–the original design



PrintSample1- Bright Water



–as a background for the herons in Marsh Morning Mists



–as the main color and texture in Between the Cracks,

Between The Cracks


–seen in the detail view below,


BetweenThe CracksDetail_1


–a lighter and selected portion of the original used in Messages in the Stones,




–using scraps from the Between the Cracks prints for one of my Rock Sample quilt collages,


Rock Sample #2


–and then a tilted-on-its-side and stretched digital version still in planning for another use,

PrintSample2- Bright Water 


Digital designs can be reused in so many ways. There probably will be more uses of this particular design in the future as I am more and more considering my digital designs as fabric prints for collage in a more physically layered and constructed type of quilt work.



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