Why The Moon…SAQA 2015 Benefit Auction






Why The Moon 12x12 quilt_SAQA Auction

Why The Moon mini quilt 12″ x 12″ SAQA Auction 2015

This is the quilt I have donated to the Studio Art Quilt Associates Benefit Auction this year.  It can be seen ( 5th row Second Group) along with other donations and rules of the auction here.



 It was produced as part of a painting series I did earlier this year. I have been painting with acrylics on paper and exploring what I can do on silk also.  How much paint can I layer on and still stitch through it?

I started with a leftover piece of a lightly printed silk from another quilt project which I then painted acrylic circles and rectangles on with sponges, layering different colors on top of one another. There was also some use of other stamped images.

I started with fairly neutral colors, both washes and stamped images, then proceeded to brighter ones as can be seen in the In Progress 2 image. I am practicing under painting. Then I cropped it and added stitchery and some appliqued images. No problems with stitching through the paint this time.

It reminds me of moon calendars where you can see the phases of the moon…and then I see a burnt landscape…too many fires in the west this year! 

SAQA Auction work in progress

In Progress 1

SAQA Auction work in progress2

In Progress 2


Here are some of the paintings that resulted from that series, all related to the moon calendar idea.  They are 11″ x 14″, acrylic on watercolor paper. I’m having fun with these painting explorations. (Taking some online classes from Jane Davies.)

WhyTheMoon Painting 3

Why The Moon Painting 3

WhyTheMoon Painting 2

Why The Moon Painting 2

WhyTheMoon Painting 1

Why The Moon Painting 1




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