What I’m working on


Collage Study 1

I do  many collage studies before I start a new large quilt.  I print the altered photos on good Epson matte paper and cut, layer, and glue.  This gives me freedom to try lots of different things before I commit to digital ink and yards of silk.

Collage Study 1 is most like the 4 quilts I did last year that will be seen in upcoming shows, Art Quilt Elements 2016 and Fiberarts International 2016 and others…..and thus I think it would make a successful quilt.  But I have done a lot of collage studies of digitally recolored water photos which I also like.  So I’m going to explore some other ideas too. I like playing with the stripes, which look so much like shibori techniques.  And I like the different balances of dark and light in these other studies. I also love this color scheme in its variations in all these studies, mostly based on only 1 photo design.



Collage Study 2



Collage Study 3


The last one is influenced by my acrylic on paper collages I’ve been doing under the influence of Jane Davies. I’ve bought several Gelli printing plates and have really enjoyed the results as well as the pulling prints process.  Some of these mono-prints are going to be photographed and end up on quilts I’m sure.

  I’m starting a new online class with Jane next week, 100 Drawings/Paintings on Cheap Paper.  That will take some discipline! We’ll see what kind of influence that has on my quilt work.

Visit again later to find out…….and to see what this year’s quilts turn out to be…..after all these are only studies and much change can happen along the way.


Collage Study 4


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