Urban Reflections #2 Appears in Machine Quilting Unlimited

The January/February 2012 issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited features quilts from the exhibition, New Legacies: Contemporary Art Quilts, which took place at the Lincoln Center Galleries in Fort Collins, Colordo in the fall of 2011.

This quilt is also featured in Sandra Sider’s new monograph, The Studio Art Quilt, No. 6: State of the Art.

Included is my quilt, Urban Reflections #2: Lake Merritt series (shown in the Recent Work Gallery section of this website). This quilt was inspired by and derived from photos of interesting wind-rippled reflections of buildings on the surface of Lake Merritt in Oakland, taken on a lovely walk around the lake in 2008.

The patterns were intriguing but the colors were pale and didn’t show the patterns as well as I liked, so I played with various color changes using a gradient layer between two copies of the original ripple image, and various blending modes. (This is one of my favorite games to play especially with abstract images.)

  For the silk prints I elongated the chosen color image, which brought out even more interesting shapes and pattern repeats. Drastically changing the proportions as well as the size often makes lovely “paintings” that no longer appear to be photographs. Shown here are the original image, the color change I selected, and one of the the elongated panels which I printed.

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