Small mixed media collages with stitch







I’ve been playing with mixed media collage on small 6″ x 6″ squares–using leftover prints, painted papers, paint, and stitchery. The goal is to practice loosening up, to develop ideas for a new series in larger quilts, while having the freedom to “try anything” because it is only 6″ and is using primarily leftovers.  It is also a good place to learn whether techniques work or not, as with painted deli papers applied over fused fabric scraps.  

I love the freedom when doing improvisational paper collage and I want to transfer the freedom and enthusiasm to my larger works.  I like the layering approach, as well, as a way of working.


Here  are several examples of this Rust Series:


RustSeries5RustSeries4 RustSeries3 RustSeries2 RustSeries1

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