Quilt National 2013 opens



Tomorrow night Quilt National 2013 opens at the Dairy Barn Art Center in Athens, Ohio.  This exhibit is probably the most prestigious quilt art exhibit in the country, maybe the world.  95% of applicants are rejected.  I have entered it at least 9 times over 18 years I think. 

—-And this year I got a quilt accepted into it!!  How joyous!!  I can’t wait to see it hanging among quilts from artists I have long admired.




It’s full name is Reverberations: Yellowstone Waters.  It measures 62 inches wide by 42 inches high and is one of the largest quilts I have made.  It is part of my continuing Water Study Series  in which I aim to capture the human fascination with looking at water and water reflections, as well as represent the natural drawings present in stop action photos of water.  In addition the items found floating on water surfaces are incorporated into my patterns. 

 The quilt uses slightly altered photographs taken of hot pools in Yellowstone National Park in the late summer of 2011. I have been to Yellowstone many times. (In fact we spent our honeymoon there a long time ago.)  And each time I have a better camera with a more powerful zoom capability. Looking at the LCD screen I spend many enjoyable moments composing pictures in this astounding environment.

Multiple panels of one image were cropped and printed on charmeuse silk and then arranged in a number of different block patterns until I found one that captured some of my feelings about the beautiful waters.  It is a hot pool but it looks swimming pool cool. It has interesting reflections.  It has unidentifiable ‘things’ floating in it.  It has bubbbles endlessly appearing. The circles formed from the hot bubbling waters rising to the surface form outward and outward till they bump into others. It has a range of values of my favorite color. Water is important to those of us living in drought in the semi-arid southwest.


Detail 1

I consider my work to be making use of “found art”.  I take many, many photos of things that are interesting to me (not necessarily to others) and later when looking at what I have photographed I find all the elements of art to play with: line, shape, color, value, texture.

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