“Purple Rain” to appear at the Dairy Art Center in Boulder, Colorado

Purple Rain  59" x 29"

Purple Rain 59″ x 29″

Purple Rain, one of my newest quilts, is being exhibited at 75: New Art Quilts at the Dairy Arts Center in Boulder, Colorado.  Judith Trager is the featured artist with 40 of her art colleagues in a display of all new work.  

Here is a detail view:



And here are some in progress shots:

CuttingStripsForPurpleRain InProceesPurpleRain


You can see one of the silk prints from which the diagonal stripes were cut, as well as how I began arranging them on the design wall. They have the fusing and paper on them to help keep them stiff and keep them from fraying excessively.

The name does not really come from the song, but is more a reference to water and wetness as well as the dominant hue. I use the water photos for their stripe variety as well as their water image content. The watery quality of the original photos of water reflections from piers comes through even with the colors drastically changed to this exciting and dynamic color scheme.

I have done several pieces in this series, playing with diagonally cut strips making chevrons and diamonds and repeated stripings……   And playing with color placement…….The result is an abstract formal composition, yet adding in some randomness of placement and keeping away from absolute symmetry. I really like straying away from the symmetry that keeps trying to reappear.

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