New Waterlines Series Quilt




The first viewing of a new series I’ve called the Waterline Series is called Water On The Bias.  I have been using photos taken of water ripples and reflections at the Locks in Seattle last summer.  I am interested in the stripe quality and almost shibori- like characteristics of these photos.  I have used them pretty much as is, not doing much digital work except enhancing brightness, contrast, and hue saturation in order to get a good print on the silk charmeuse.



StripesInThe Water1



I am exploring different compositions using these stripes. Usually I’ve been doing mock-ups with paper prints of the photos to see what might make a dramatic quilt.

The quilting lines are following the water stripes and are of mostly matching colors so as not to take on too much drama of their own.

–just let the photographed lines speak for themselves.  The red strips are from reflections of the colorful bumpers many boats have.


Here it is with a couple of detail shots:




Water On The Bias








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