drippy lines photo works well in digital designs

Photographs of mundane things in life can become quite useful in digital artwork.  This photo of water lines dripping down a concrete wall in an underpass abutment has become one of my favorite images to combine as a layer in my digital artwork. I like the shapes created in the negative spaces as well as the line quality of the drips. It is especially useful as an inverted image.  Also I like the “grundge” of texture on the concrete wall. This adds interesting texture to my designs. You can see this image, sometimes faintly, in many of my recent art quilts.  The Autumnal Equinox Series uses it as well as the Deep Pool Series.

Original photo of drippy lines by Charlotte Ziebarth


Inverted Image


Hint of Frost detail Charlotte Ziebarth


Anticipation detail Charlotte Ziebarth


Ripple 3 - design work


Bright Water series design work


Bright Water series design work





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