Burnt Water to appear in Art Quilt Elements 2016


I am very pleased to have one of my new quilts appearing in Art Quilt Elements at the Wayne Art Center in Wayne, Pennsylvania. The show opens March 18th and runs through April 28, 2016.

This quilt is one of a series where I am exploring a cutting and layering system of arranging the elements of water imagery in a diagonal manner.  The lines and color blends look so much like the fabrics achieved by shibori dyeing techniques. I have taken on the challenge of working in a different, but very dramatic, color scheme (for me); all the photos of water were changed into sharp reds, yellows and blacks. (The blacks print very nice and black on the prepared silks I get from Jacquard.) The finished work has lovely little bits of greeny turquoise accenting the lines.

Although the arrangement is abstracted, the wavy lines of the cuts and the stitching very much are reminiscent of waves and repetitive wave action, kelp, and things floating in the sea. The coloring suggests water reflections at sunset or the terrible images of forest fire or lava flows entering or reflected in water.



Burnt Water


 This was the piece I was working on when a photographer visited my studio, so here you can see me at the pinwall working on it. I arrange at the wall, pinning sections and moving to the pressing table to fuse…..then back to the pinwall to add some more sections. (You will notice my final selection of orientation is upside down from the way I initially worked on it!)


At the Pinwall



cutting the prints



Under construction


The detail views show the raw edge component and the stitching.  All stitching on this one was done after the placement and fusing. A little bit of satin stitch detail was added here and there.


Detail view



another detail



another detail showing the turquoise accents

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