Patterns at the Beach

Once again I had the opportunity to spend the holidays on the northern California coast.  I love the rocky cliffs with crashing surf, windy mists, and rocky outcrops, more even than tropical beaches. And this year the king tides made for even more drama.

Walking these beaches everyday is another way to feed my creative soul.





There are patterns to be found everywhere of course. The zoom lens helps get close without disturbing the wildlife as well as enabling me to zero in on the pattern.  Here are a few that caught my camera eye.






I like to play with the images even more on the computer when I am back at home.  Just adding a layer of color and changing the blending modes sometimes makes the patterns more apparent–takes the reality away a bit and makes for lovely abstraction. Textures become more interesting.  Even the sand is a picture.

Maybe these will make their way into future quilts.










 Cropping a bit yields this image:


 –and using the ‘difference’ blending mode with a tan gradation layer yields:


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