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Inspiration Everywhere

Although I went to Austria and Northern Italy to see more of the Alps, I of course found inspiration for my artwork everywhere. Here are examples:




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I like the quilt word

Many quilt artists today seem to feel that labeling our work as quilts and associating with the traditional quilt world is a practice to be avoided. But I am proud to call my work a quilt. I love the possibilities inherent in the processes of printing, layering, and stitching my artworks. As one variation of my artist statement says:

Printing my digital paintings on cloth allows me to take advantage of the textures and light reflecting variations of different kinds of [...]

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Are you still printing photos on fabric?


I get this question often.  –and it is not how I think about what I do. The starting point is still usually a photograph I have taken. It is how I record my world since I don’t like to take the time to draw when I am out walking or whatever. My photographs are how I pay attention to my world. So they are my source material. But most of my quilt designs involve much more digital work before they [...]

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“Artistic Photo Quilts” still getting good reviews

I discovered today by way of my Google Alerts a lovely review of my book, “Artistic Photo Quilts” on the blog, Uncommon Threads.  Many thanks to the author.  The book has been out for two and half years and it is still so gratifying to know people are liking and learning from the book. 


Summer Heat #1

Here is the quilt from which the cover was composed:


–and its companion piece:

Summer [...]

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Lime Trees: Autumnal Equinox #4 featured in Quilters Newsletter

The February/March issue of Quilters Newsletter features some of the quilts in an exhibition of the Front Range Contemporary Quilters, a Colorado-Wyoming based group of art quilters.  The exhibit was held in 2011 at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum and the theme was Frontiers–exploring the boundaries between the familiar and the unknown.

My quilt entitled Lime Trees: Autumnal Equinox #4 was included.  Like the other quilts in the Autumnal Equinox series I used a collage of various photographs of aspen leaves, tree trunks, [...]

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What is Digital Quilt Art?



I recently ran across a website with a discussion of different types of digital art: With Digital Eyes  –JeriAnn Holt.  She distinguishes between digital photography, digital painting and digital collage among other types.

It seems to me that using digital techniques with textiles, cloth, quilts, etc most neatly fits into her category of Integrated Digital Art–which is a kind of mixed media category where the artist uses a variety of techniques, both digital and traditional art media, to achieve [...]

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