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Digital Alchemy to open at Quilt Festival in Houston



Jane Dunnewold has put together an exhibit which will open at the Quilt Festival in Houston at the end of the month.  She selected a number of quilts which show the wide variety of artistic uses of digital tools in the art quilt medium.


Smoke and Ashes: Ruins Series #1

There is an interview with her here on the Spoonflower website. It features a number of the quilts(including mine) and her thoughts about digital quilts.  

Although I don’t use [...]

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2nd Place Prize at Wichita National Fiber Directions

I have been notified that my quilt, Between The Cracks:  Ruins Series #2, was selected by the juror, Barbara Shapiro, to receive the second place prize. Thank you, Barbara…..a nice honor to be considered one of the best of these interesting fiber artworks!  …and for one of my favorites.

You can see the pieces in the show here…..although I can’t see any listing of the prizewinners so I don’t know who got the other prizes.






The other [...]

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Technical and Artistic Challenges

While I enjoy many benefits from printing my digital designs myself on my own choice of fabric with my dedicated studio printers, I often face real challenges that are less enjoyable.

I had used an Epson 2200 for 10 years with only a few problems. In general it was, still is, a workhorse that prints nicely on my fabrics.  A couple of years ago I decided it would be nice to have a wider print so I bought an Epson 3880 [...]

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Using Inktense pencils and blocks






I have used Derwent’s Inktense Watersoluable Pencils to add small dots of more intense color to my digital prints on silk.  An example is the detail above from the quilt, Color of Dreams, where the bright bits of magenta and orange were enhanced after printing and during quilt construction.  

These pencils (and the blocks made of the same material) become bright and colorfast when wet. You can either wet them after applying them, or you can apply them to [...]

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Quilt National Quilts Now in St. Louis

All three collections, the entire show, of Quilt National quilts are showing in St. Louis at the St Louis University Museum of Art.  They will be there until October 27, 2013.


 Reverberations: Yellowstone Waters

Also a new website featuring Quilt National artists has launched.  For more information about the artists and the show go to:

I’m really excited about this website’s future.  As it expands you will be able to see other works by the top quilt artists in [...]

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Water, water, water


Given the rains and flooding disaster that has visited our area I feel sort of guilty being fascinated with water imagery. Water is such a powerful force in our lives,and such a vital need. –too little, too much, clean and pure, dirty and contaminated, flowing gently and roaring through our lives.  We have suffered from drought in Colorado and it is such a terrible shock to see what sudden heavy rain can do. We are suddenly very aware of former creek beds [...]

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The Great Sand Dunes

On the way back from our annual Santa Fe Opera Extravaganza (5 operas in 6 days) we stopped at The Great Sand Dunes National Park. This is an almost annual stop for me to experience the magical quality of this wonderous place.

The pictures I took are doubly valuable to me because I thought I had lost my camera (and the photos on the memory card in it).  Lost in the house is much better than lost at the dunes or [...]

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The Making of Reverberations



Reverberations:  Yellowstone Waters  started with photos from Yellowstone hot pools.  Here are four unaltered photos I took:






The only alterations I made on the two I used for the quilt were brightening,upping the contrast, intensifying the color saturation, and elongating them.  Elongating (changing the dimensions in the Image Size dialogue box) made the shapes more interesting, gave me a more usable, less square image for my blocks, and didn’t change the wateriness of the [...]

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Quilt National 13 — Persistence Pays Award

After 8 times applying to Quilt National over 16 years, the 9th time was the charm.  No other entrant this year had tried so many times, so I won the Hilary Morrow Fletcher Award called Persistence Pays.  I am nothing if not persistent.  Getting into QN has been a goal for many years.

The quilt looks great hanging with all the others and is right at the front, one of the first you see.  The opening night was exhilarating and fun.  [...]

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Form Not Function: Quilt Art at the Carnegie

This exhibit opened last week in New Albany, Indiana. Celebrating their 10th anniversary they have published a very beautiful catalog of this year’s exhibit which also includes the Best of Show winners from all 10 years.  Having been in this exhibit for 5 of those 10 years I was pleased to receive the catalog. The jurors mentioned Marsh Morning Mists (discussed here in the April 2 blog entry) as one of several dealing with light and shadow intrigue.


The [...]

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