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Heron Pool MiniQuilts

I don’t use transfer techniques very often.  I prefer to print my images directly onto the fabric.  But sometimes they are handy.  In this series of mini quilts, all 12″ X 12″, I used Leslie Riley’s Artist Transfer Paper to print my reversed black and white crosshatched drawings of herons on. I printed different sizes and different image opacities. Some are more shadowy than others. I then ironed these image transfers onto white silk and fused them to already printed silk water imagery.  I quite like the results.  One [...]

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Other Digital Artists



If you haven’t found them already I recommend these two artists as having a wealth of information shared on their websites and blogs:

KathyAnne White   KathyAnne not only is very experienced in digital technology as it pertains to cloth but also has much experience in printing on other surfaces.  She has useful videos on her website and recently published a Blurb book called Digital Printing on Alternative Surfaces.  I think it is well worth the money if you are interested [...]

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Working in a Series



Working in a series can be thought of in different ways–especially when considering digital work.

I frequently “reuse” digital designs that I like, each time with a little (or even large) change.  Having created a design in a pleasing turquoise-black-brown-yellowgreen color scheme and with a watery look, I have used it in many ways.  I have a hard time remembering how it originated, since I so often play at the computer layering one image over another with color gradient layers between and using different blending modes. I [...]

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More Fun With Inversion, Stretching, and the Distort Filter


I have shown in previous blog posts how I use inversion as a photoshop tool to create elements of my imagery.  I use it quite frequently, combining the inverted image with color gradient layers and various blending modes. 

Water photographs have contributed to my “landscape painting”.  The following are examples of design play that have been used in several of my recent quilts.


water at the base of a waterfall



blue mountain design

Stretched in width [...]

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“Natural” Polka Dots

Happy Valentines Day


While thinking about where I could find photos of natural dots, circles, and polka dots recently, I noticed the sun shining through the bubbles on the inside of the plastic container of my humidifer set up in the studio because of our very dry winter and my sinus problems. 

Being willing to try to capture any image, I used both the intelligent zoom setting and the action setting on my little Panasonic Lumix to take pictures of [...]

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drippy lines photo works well in digital designs

Photographs of mundane things in life can become quite useful in digital artwork.  This photo of water lines dripping down a concrete wall in an underpass abutment has become one of my favorite images to combine as a layer in my digital artwork. I like the shapes created in the negative spaces as well as the line quality of the drips. It is especially useful as an inverted image.  Also I like the “grundge” of texture on the concrete wall. This [...]

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Augmenting prints for darker values

In my book, Artistic Photo Quilts, (C&T Publishing, 2009) I talk about sometimes needing to augment the color black.  The inks don’t always print as dark or intense a black as one would like.  Using the matte black ink for the Epson printers helps, but additional measures are often needed for strong value contrast in a composition.

I often used black silk organza shapes fused and stitched onto the background print to achieve this boost of value. The two mini quilts [...]

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more digitized embroidery

Although you can digitize any drawing for the purpose of embroidering, I really like the drawings that result from my photographs. Another example is shown below.  A photo was taken on a crisp cold walk along Lake Granby in the mountains of Colorado. Zeroing in on the details of the grasses revealed interesting silhouettes. Wouldn’t it be great to embroider grasses?

 Isolating a few blades of grass and cropping the image yields something that can be turned into a black and white drawing, cleaned [...]

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Digitized embroidery on digital art quilts

Blue Leaves, White Trees 16" X 18"

For the past couple of years I have been learning how to digitize my drawings using the Bernina Embroidery software for a Bernina artista 730 with embroidery module. The software is often used for embroidering logos, teddybears, or exotic embroidery from times past.  I have thought there were untapped possibilities for using digitzed embroidery on my stitched digital art quilts.

I start with a photo that has simple lines, as [...]

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Urban Reflections #2 Appears in Machine Quilting Unlimited

The January/February 2012 issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited features quilts from the exhibition, New Legacies: Contemporary Art Quilts, which took place at the Lincoln Center Galleries in Fort Collins, Colordo in the fall of 2011.

This quilt is also featured in Sandra Sider’s new monograph, The Studio Art Quilt, No. 6: State of the Art.

Included is my quilt, Urban Reflections #2: Lake Merritt series (shown in the Recent Work Gallery section of this website). This quilt was inspired by and derived from [...]

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