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Solutions for my printer problems



A friend gave me a sample of the Fabrisign coated silk charmeuse from the Jacquard people in California. I have made 10 some prints now with my Epson 3880 and am %100 sold on this.  Not only does the coating, specially made for both dye-based and pigment inks, yield rich colors, dark blacks, and very strong lines and details, but there is no mess or unevenness of application that other coating procedures involve.

You do pay extra for these advantages, but [...]

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Painted Canyons




Painted Canyons appears in the  online exhibit at the Visions Art Museum in San Diego through December. It will also appear in person at the 50th Anniversary Show of the Handweavers Guild of Boulder at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder, Colorado, December 2014 through January 2015.  As a life time member, a former President as well as former weaver, I was privileged to be an invited artist in this exhibit.


Painted Canyons was inspired by [...]

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The Color of Dreams to be seen at International Quilt Festival


Opening next week at the International Quilt Festival in Houston is the Studio Art Quilt Associates show called Celebrating Silver, celebrating SAQA’s 25 year birthday. In that exhibit ia my quilt, The Color of Dreams.

This quilt features a digitally composed background printed with my Epson 3880 on charmeuse silk and then fused to the batting. Sections of batting are left showing and have been painted with silver acrylic paints and additives. And inktense pencils haved been used to highlight and [...]

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Playing with Photoshop painting



In keeping with my idea that I can use digital means to create surface design type artwork I want to describe some of the techniques I have used.

Here I show the results from playing around with digital painting using Photoshop brushes.  I am just using my finger and touchpad mouse which is a bit challenging! But as you can see interesting ‘canvases’ can be made.


You can use Photoshop’s preset brushes as in this one:

Oil Medium Wet Brush


Or you [...]

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New Waterlines Series Quilt




The first viewing of a new series I’ve called the Waterline Series is called Water On The Bias.  I have been using photos taken of water ripples and reflections at the Locks in Seattle last summer.  I am interested in the stripe quality and almost shibori- like characteristics of these photos.  I have used them pretty much as is, not doing much digital work except enhancing brightness, contrast, and hue saturation in order to get a good print on the [...]

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While I am able to make interesting art with lots of studies, pre-planned collages, or computer design work, what I really enjoy the most is doing artwork in a way that is improvisational. I like to start, not knowing where the artwork is going to end up.

This way of working involves doing something and then letting what you have done dictate what the next step is. It is risky, you make mistakes. Sometimes the project has to be ditched completely. [...]

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Photography and Quilt Art



Marsh Morning Mists

How to use your photos–realistic vs abstract……

There are many ways of using photography with quilt and textile art.  At the SAQA website there is an online gallery , curated by Alison Schwabe, of artists who use photography in different ways. My quilt, Marsh Morning Mists, is included.

For most it is more than “just” inspiration. Some print their photos on cloth and use them directly and realistically.  Some use silk screen instead of direct printing. Some do a [...]

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The difficult part

While taking photos is fun and easy, the hard part comes when trying to keep myself from rushing in and developing the first design that comes to mind. 

The series I am starting–or is it continuing?–after I have been working on the Ruins Series for over a year is a good example.  From my list of themes that I want to work within I have chosen the water one again.  But to choose which photo series to work from is a  challenge for me.  [...]

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Which part of my process do I like the best? –or the least?



I recently was reading a blog post by another quilt artist, Elizabeth Barton, in which she suggests practicing the part of your artistic process you like the least– in order to become better at it.

This led me to wondering which part of my “work process” I like the least. Certainly it is not the photography part. I love taking photos of even the most ordinary things. 

–and then I become obsessed with my own photos and  love looking at them [...]

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Front Range Contemporary Quilters: 25 years

Tomorrow opens the show, Celebrating 25 Years of Front Range Contemporary Quilters,  at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder, CO through March 7.  I have been a member of this group for about 20 of those years and have three pieces in the exhibit. Two can be seen in the gallery section of this website;  First View From the Lily Ponds and Deep Pool, Bright Water, both from 2011. 

The third one is a quartet of smaller works each [...]

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