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All Things Beautiful At Arvada Center

All Things Beautiful

 This quilt, entitled All Things Beautiful, will appear at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities Exhibit, Art of the State 2019 from January 17 to March 31, 2019. It is an improvisationally developed work which includes various mixed media and techniques, including silk, cotton, paper, acrylic paint, colored pencil, monoprinting, stenciling and digital printing. 

Here are some detail views:




This work is Inspired by photographs I’ve taken….in ghost towns and such…..and 
….Incorporates the digital art [...]

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Playing with Photo and Painting Combos


Once again I am playing with combining photos I’ve taken recently with some of the painting and sketchbook drawings I’ve done. I don’t know whether or how I will use them, but they are fun to experiment with. There are of course lots of combinations with blending modes and different repetitions of layers.  For these I am letting the colors of the painting determine the final colors, for the most part.


Leaves and foam on the creek surface


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Painting classes with Jane Davies

I have recently finished a 10 week online course with Jane Davies called 100 Drawings on Cheap Drawing Paper.  I have learned so much and painted soooo much.  Some of these lessons or actual paintings will probably eventually make its way into my art quilt work.  There are so many possibilities, from painting on cloth or over photo or digital images to scanning and printing my paper paintings onto cloth.  In the meantime here are some examples from the class.


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Digitizing Paintings for Art Quilts

Original Painting Design on Paper


I have been exploring the making of painted designs for printing on silk to use in quilts.  This one came from my online class with Jane Davies on Sketchbook Practice.  The original painting is done with acrylic paints on 9 X 12 cheap but nice white sulphite drawing paper from Dick Blick.  It was done, not as a finished composition, but one to be cut up and collaged in different arrangements.








In the [...]

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Why The Moon…SAQA 2015 Benefit Auction






Why The Moon mini quilt 12″ x 12″ SAQA Auction 2015

This is the quilt I have donated to the Studio Art Quilt Associates Benefit Auction this year.  It can be seen ( 5th row Second Group) along with other donations and rules of the auction here.



 It was produced as part of a painting series I did earlier this year. I have been painting with [...]

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