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Thoughts on Quilt National 15

Now that I have had a chance to calm down from the excitement of the Quilt National weekend I want to make some further comments about our quilt art medium.

Seeing the quilts ‘in person’ is such a different experience from looking at them in a book, no matter how nice the book and its photographic reproduction.  The size and impact of the larger works makes a strong and compelling impact that can’t be reproduced on the 9×12 page.  The textures [...]

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Patterns at the Beach

Once again I had the opportunity to spend the holidays on the northern California coast.  I love the rocky cliffs with crashing surf, windy mists, and rocky outcrops, more even than tropical beaches. And this year the king tides made for even more drama.

Walking these beaches everyday is another way to feed my creative soul.



There are patterns to be found everywhere of course. The zoom lens helps get close without disturbing the wildlife as well as enabling me [...]

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Reflections of Chihuly at the Denver Botanic Gardens

We in the Denver area are so very fortunate to have the opportunity to see the beautiful artglass installation of Dale Chihuly and his talented crew in company with our beautiful Denver Botanic Gardens.

People are flocking to see this and membership and attendance is way up.  There was even a break-in with a few pieces stolen!


Some critics think he is over-rated but I love the opportunity to see the multiple shapes, forms and lines which are so plant like.



Since I [...]

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The need to focus

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part.  A person needs to focus; a person needs time alone to decide what idea to tackle next. Focusing includes accepting the need for limits. My tendency is to want to try or include all kinds of techniques, from hand embroidery, dyeing, painting, mixed media possibilities. I want to add these to my repertoire of digital techniques.  Adding stuff to the quilt is always tempting.  I love other artists’ quilts with beads, paint, paper, [...]

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Inspiring Yourself


Aside from the often suggested rituals, like visiting museums, art shows, and scheduling artist dates, etc, I have developed some additional activities that help me get into the mood or back on a creative track:

1–I use my own photographs as inspiration. I set up a random screensaver on a year’s worth of photos and then just watch what comes up.  I am reminded of ideas I had when taking the photos originally, especially the more abstract detail studies.  I am reminded of the [...]

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The difficult part

While taking photos is fun and easy, the hard part comes when trying to keep myself from rushing in and developing the first design that comes to mind. 

The series I am starting–or is it continuing?–after I have been working on the Ruins Series for over a year is a good example.  From my list of themes that I want to work within I have chosen the water one again.  But to choose which photo series to work from is a  challenge for me.  [...]

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Which part of my process do I like the best? –or the least?



I recently was reading a blog post by another quilt artist, Elizabeth Barton, in which she suggests practicing the part of your artistic process you like the least– in order to become better at it.

This led me to wondering which part of my “work process” I like the least. Certainly it is not the photography part. I love taking photos of even the most ordinary things. 

–and then I become obsessed with my own photos and  love looking at them [...]

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Pacific Ocean Water Studies

I had the good fortune to spend my holidays in a house overlooking the ocean in northern California. The abnormally warm and dry weather enticed us to walk on the beach everyday and I had plenty of opportunities to study the waves and receding water patterns.  To many this is an everyday sort of thing, but to me, a resident in the semi arid mountain/plains of Colorado, it is rare enough to be very special.





I like to play [...]

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Lines in the Asphalt

Looking for something interesting to take photos of at this somewhat dull time of year.  Melting snow and magnesium chloride on the roads highlighting cracks in the asphalt make wonderful abstract compositions.  Since I am currently working on digital ways to add texture to my compositions these might be useful.






I like to use the overly, multiply, or difference blending modes to layer one photo or painting over another, often adding a gradation layer [...]

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Shadow and line at the Great Sand Dunes


A recent trip to the Great Sand Dunes National Park in southern Colorado yielded these studies of shadow and line, selected from many others that I took.  The Sand Dunes is a beautiful and inspirational place for me and I try to visit it at least once a year. I am grateful to the coordination of many agencies that preserved most of this natural resource as a national park.








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