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All Things Beautiful At Arvada Center

All Things Beautiful

 This quilt, entitled All Things Beautiful, will appear at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities Exhibit, Art of the State 2019 from January 17 to March 31, 2019. It is an improvisationally developed work which includes various mixed media and techniques, including silk, cotton, paper, acrylic paint, colored pencil, monoprinting, stenciling and digital printing. 

Here are some detail views:




This work is Inspired by photographs I’ve taken….in ghost towns and such…..and 
….Incorporates the digital art [...]

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How Many Moons? in San Jose

How Many Moons? 2018

How Many Moons? to appear in the International TECHstyle Art Biennial IV at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, January 20- April 14, 2019,; reception on Sunday, the 20th from 3-5.


From their website:

In 2010, the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles launched its signature event, the International TECHstyle Art Biennial (ITAB). Returning now for its fourth incarnation, ITAB is a juried exhibition of work by artists merging fiber media with new information and communication [...]

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Interesting Photographs




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New Quilt Series

Here are some of the prints of digital designs going into my current work in progress.





I am digitally layering in subtle background grid images from paper collages with the water ripples and grasses imagery. 





I am doing a lot of paper collage study work with prints on Epson matte paper which means I can see how the various prints look when cut into pieces and rearranged with each other.  


collage study 1


 Stay tuned to see [...]

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Improv Collage









I’m taking an online Improvisational Collage class from Kara Kramer. Here are some of the 3 minute collages done on 4 x 6 cards.  They have different parameters set: all angles, or all organic shapes, monochromatic, etc. 

I’m looking for ways to be freer with my digital fabric collage/quilt compositions, so I’m using photos and digital alterations in these as well.  I really like the torn paper edges, but they are not possible with fabric–unless I photograph them?

We’ll see where it [...]

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Digital design thoughts and explorations


Have been playing around with digital designs and searching for my next quilt idea to carry out in actual fabric. Many considerations feed into this decision:

What will look dramatic as an overall image? What would be unusual and not done before?

What size and format?

Are the prints able to be printed so they are not pixelated at a large size?  Whole cloth appearance or lots of small fused applique pieces?

What other techniques will I use?….do I have an itch to try? [...]

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Playing with Photo and Painting Combos


Once again I am playing with combining photos I’ve taken recently with some of the painting and sketchbook drawings I’ve done. I don’t know whether or how I will use them, but they are fun to experiment with. There are of course lots of combinations with blending modes and different repetitions of layers.  For these I am letting the colors of the painting determine the final colors, for the most part.


Leaves and foam on the creek surface


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What I’m working on

Collage Study 1

I do  many collage studies before I start a new large quilt.  I print the altered photos on good Epson matte paper and cut, layer, and glue.  This gives me freedom to try lots of different things before I commit to digital ink and yards of silk.

Collage Study 1 is most like the 4 quilts I did last year that will be seen in upcoming shows, Art Quilt Elements 2016 and Fiberarts International 2016 and others…..and thus [...]

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When people ask me what inspires me I usually say the things I see in nature…lines of trees, shapes of leaves, colors of fall,  ripples in water reflections, the effects of rust, etc.  But that is only part of the story…



Next I get inspired when I start playing around with color in Photoshop..adding a gradient blending layer to a photo or between two photos starts me sighing with the beauty in the resulting paintings…….I [...]

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Images From California Trip

I recently came back from a trip to San Francisco for opera, visit to family, and another “beach-fix”, and of course there is art everywhere.

Here are some images:

From the Turner Exhibit at the de Young

A visit to the de Young Museum in San Francisco was amazing.  I loved seeing how this master painted light and water and produced such magic. I especially liked them as they got more abstracted–more realism was left out. You could feel these storms [...]

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