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Cement walls

While others take pictures of the castle:


I really like these cement walls with years of water, mold, algae, whatever—




Then I can play painting games with them.  Alternating between selecting areas with the magic wand and filling them with color I produce painted images to use in my digital creations.


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Aspen tree branches –playing with overlapping layers



We took a hike in the mountains last week wearing our yaktrax over the snow.  I took advantage of the opportunity to photograph the bare branches and trunks of the aspen trees.  Usually known for their gold leaf fall display the are eloquently beautiful in the winter as well.

Most people think of their bark as white, but with the bright snow and without the leaves they show their many true colors. As in much of colorwork contrast is everything.  Against the greens and sky blues they look [...]

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Crocus symmetry


This time of year with one of the first flowers of spring in our region being the humble crocus I am reminded of the quilt I made some years ago.  Liking the close in view I made a composition by repeating the prints, rotating some and flipping others to create a pleasing symmetry. The photo was put through the CutOut filter in Photoshop to simplify the lines and colors a bit. These prints were done on cotton prepared with InkAid before printing, [...]

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more digitized embroidery

Although you can digitize any drawing for the purpose of embroidering, I really like the drawings that result from my photographs. Another example is shown below.  A photo was taken on a crisp cold walk along Lake Granby in the mountains of Colorado. Zeroing in on the details of the grasses revealed interesting silhouettes. Wouldn’t it be great to embroider grasses?

 Isolating a few blades of grass and cropping the image yields something that can be turned into a black and white drawing, cleaned [...]

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Digitized embroidery on digital art quilts

Blue Leaves, White Trees 16" X 18"

For the past couple of years I have been learning how to digitize my drawings using the Bernina Embroidery software for a Bernina artista 730 with embroidery module. The software is often used for embroidering logos, teddybears, or exotic embroidery from times past.  I have thought there were untapped possibilities for using digitzed embroidery on my stitched digital art quilts.

I start with a photo that has simple lines, as [...]

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Urban Reflections #2 Appears in Machine Quilting Unlimited

The January/February 2012 issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited features quilts from the exhibition, New Legacies: Contemporary Art Quilts, which took place at the Lincoln Center Galleries in Fort Collins, Colordo in the fall of 2011.

This quilt is also featured in Sandra Sider’s new monograph, The Studio Art Quilt, No. 6: State of the Art.

Included is my quilt, Urban Reflections #2: Lake Merritt series (shown in the Recent Work Gallery section of this website). This quilt was inspired by and derived from [...]

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Invert–one of my favorite digital tools



One of my favorite digital tools is the Invert transformation (found in Elements9 under Adjustments). It can add an interesting component in a layered composition, changing colors in an odd way.














Inverting very dark images gives a drawing-like quality to an image that could be worked on further with the drawing filters to convert it to a BXW drawing.  Also details lost in the dark are revealed.These Holiday Light images, when inverted, have a very wintry [...]

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