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How Many Moons? in San Jose

How Many Moons? 2018

How Many Moons? to appear in the International TECHstyle Art Biennial IV at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, January 20- April 14, 2019,; reception on Sunday, the 20th from 3-5.


From their website:

In 2010, the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles launched its signature event, the International TECHstyle Art Biennial (ITAB). Returning now for its fourth incarnation, ITAB is a juried exhibition of work by artists merging fiber media with new information and communication [...]

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Playing with Photo and Painting Combos


Once again I am playing with combining photos I’ve taken recently with some of the painting and sketchbook drawings I’ve done. I don’t know whether or how I will use them, but they are fun to experiment with. There are of course lots of combinations with blending modes and different repetitions of layers.  For these I am letting the colors of the painting determine the final colors, for the most part.


Leaves and foam on the creek surface


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Digitizing Paintings for Art Quilts

Original Painting Design on Paper


I have been exploring the making of painted designs for printing on silk to use in quilts.  This one came from my online class with Jane Davies on Sketchbook Practice.  The original painting is done with acrylic paints on 9 X 12 cheap but nice white sulphite drawing paper from Dick Blick.  It was done, not as a finished composition, but one to be cut up and collaged in different arrangements.








In the [...]

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Pacific Ocean Water Studies

I had the good fortune to spend my holidays in a house overlooking the ocean in northern California. The abnormally warm and dry weather enticed us to walk on the beach everyday and I had plenty of opportunities to study the waves and receding water patterns.  To many this is an everyday sort of thing, but to me, a resident in the semi arid mountain/plains of Colorado, it is rare enough to be very special.





I like to play [...]

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Working in a Series –part 2 — the displace filter

 I discussed some of the conceptual aspects of the Ruins Series in a previous post.  (April, 2013  ) 

Another aspect that relates each work to the others in the series is a visual element that comes from a procedure that has become one of my favorites:  the Distort> displace filter.  I think it was designed for shaping a photo onto a 3D surface such as a sphere or a body.  I have never used it that way.  What I like to do with [...]

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Working in a Series



Working in a series can be thought of in different ways–especially when considering digital work.

I frequently “reuse” digital designs that I like, each time with a little (or even large) change.  Having created a design in a pleasing turquoise-black-brown-yellowgreen color scheme and with a watery look, I have used it in many ways.  I have a hard time remembering how it originated, since I so often play at the computer layering one image over another with color gradient layers between and using different blending modes. I [...]

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More Fun With Inversion, Stretching, and the Distort Filter


I have shown in previous blog posts how I use inversion as a photoshop tool to create elements of my imagery.  I use it quite frequently, combining the inverted image with color gradient layers and various blending modes. 

Water photographs have contributed to my “landscape painting”.  The following are examples of design play that have been used in several of my recent quilts.


water at the base of a waterfall



blue mountain design

Stretched in width [...]

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Marsh Morning Mists


 I sent off my quilt, Marsh Morning Mists, to the Carnegie Center for the Arts for the annual Form Not Function Exhibition of art quilts opening in May.  I am fond of the various transparent layers of imagery in this quilt. The heron images came from a photo I took at the Bodega Headlands in California in the winter of 2011.  It was a very foggy day and the bird’s image was not very clear.  I cropped it, selected out part of [...]

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“Natural” Polka Dots

Happy Valentines Day


While thinking about where I could find photos of natural dots, circles, and polka dots recently, I noticed the sun shining through the bubbles on the inside of the plastic container of my humidifer set up in the studio because of our very dry winter and my sinus problems. 

Being willing to try to capture any image, I used both the intelligent zoom setting and the action setting on my little Panasonic Lumix to take pictures of [...]

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drippy lines photo works well in digital designs

Photographs of mundane things in life can become quite useful in digital artwork.  This photo of water lines dripping down a concrete wall in an underpass abutment has become one of my favorite images to combine as a layer in my digital artwork. I like the shapes created in the negative spaces as well as the line quality of the drips. It is especially useful as an inverted image.  Also I like the “grundge” of texture on the concrete wall. This [...]

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