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Photography and Quilt Art



Marsh Morning Mists

How to use your photos–realistic vs abstract……

There are many ways of using photography with quilt and textile art.  At the SAQA website there is an online gallery , curated by Alison Schwabe, of artists who use photography in different ways. My quilt, Marsh Morning Mists, is included.

For most it is more than “just” inspiration. Some print their photos on cloth and use them directly and realistically.  Some use silk screen instead of direct printing. Some do a [...]

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The difficult part

While taking photos is fun and easy, the hard part comes when trying to keep myself from rushing in and developing the first design that comes to mind. 

The series I am starting–or is it continuing?–after I have been working on the Ruins Series for over a year is a good example.  From my list of themes that I want to work within I have chosen the water one again.  But to choose which photo series to work from is a  challenge for me.  [...]

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Front Range Contemporary Quilters: 25 years

Tomorrow opens the show, Celebrating 25 Years of Front Range Contemporary Quilters,  at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder, CO through March 7.  I have been a member of this group for about 20 of those years and have three pieces in the exhibit. Two can be seen in the gallery section of this website;  First View From the Lily Ponds and Deep Pool, Bright Water, both from 2011. 

The third one is a quartet of smaller works each [...]

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Front Range Contemporary Quilters 2014 Portfolio


Wrinkles, Lines, and Scars

My quilt, Wrinkles, Lines, and Scars, was chosen by juror, Katie Pasquini Masopust, to be in the FRCQ Online Portfolio.  I have belonged to this group for 20 years and have benefited greatly from workshops, programs, and other activities, as well as having been a part of the governing board for several years.  I am sure much of my inspiration and development as an artist has been nourished by the artists in this group and the [...]

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Pacific Ocean Water Studies

I had the good fortune to spend my holidays in a house overlooking the ocean in northern California. The abnormally warm and dry weather enticed us to walk on the beach everyday and I had plenty of opportunities to study the waves and receding water patterns.  To many this is an everyday sort of thing, but to me, a resident in the semi arid mountain/plains of Colorado, it is rare enough to be very special.





I like to play [...]

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Creek Drawings



Discovered along our daily walk along Bear Creek the other day:








I couldn’t resist seeing what a Chalk and Charcoal filter rendering would look like:



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Rock Samples and Detail Images

I don’t know quite why, but I often prefer detail images of a quilt to the complete image.  This is true for my own work as well as other people’s.  Is it the mystery of what else might be there?  Is it just more abstracted and I really like abstract work? In my photography I find I am frequently composing images of closeup detail of natural or manmade obects rather than complete or more expansive views. 

Is it because the workmanship can be isolated [...]

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Quilt National 2013 opens



Tomorrow night Quilt National 2013 opens at the Dairy Barn Art Center in Athens, Ohio.  This exhibit is probably the most prestigious quilt art exhibit in the country, maybe the world.  95% of applicants are rejected.  I have entered it at least 9 times over 18 years I think. 

—-And this year I got a quilt accepted into it!!  How joyous!!  I can’t wait to see it hanging among quilts from artists I have long admired.




It’s full [...]

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New Quilt Book — “Cutting Edge Art Quilts”



I just got my copy of Cutting Edge Art Quilts by Mary Kerr from Schiffer Publishing.  It is a unique collection of contemporary quilt artists whose works are remaking the definition of quilt.  I am proud to have been chosen to be amongst these artists. 



It includes (now sold) Autumnal Equinox #3: Before the Frost, a portion of which can be seen on the cover collage.



Several other quilts of mine are also featured

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More Fun With Inversion, Stretching, and the Distort Filter


I have shown in previous blog posts how I use inversion as a photoshop tool to create elements of my imagery.  I use it quite frequently, combining the inverted image with color gradient layers and various blending modes. 

Water photographs have contributed to my “landscape painting”.  The following are examples of design play that have been used in several of my recent quilts.


water at the base of a waterfall



blue mountain design

Stretched in width [...]

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