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2016 SAQA Auction is coming up soon

Piers, 2016 SAQA AuctionDonation by Charlotte Ziebarth

The 2016 SAQA fundraising auction starts September 16.  My mini quilt, entitled Piers, can be seen here at the SAQA website. Instructions for how the auction works can be found there as well as all the other quilts. 

This piece came fro one of my ocean photo prints plus some digital coloration. It was inspired by the many pier remains that can be seen along the coasts of California. The colors are [...]

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When people ask me what inspires me I usually say the things I see in nature…lines of trees, shapes of leaves, colors of fall,  ripples in water reflections, the effects of rust, etc.  But that is only part of the story…



Next I get inspired when I start playing around with color in Photoshop..adding a gradient blending layer to a photo or between two photos starts me sighing with the beauty in the resulting paintings…….I [...]

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Reflection/Ripples Installed at Valencia campus of UNM



In early November I finally saw one of my digital quilts installed as part of New Mexico’s Art in Public Places Program. It had been 10 months since I was first notified of the purchase. Reflection/Ripples was one of my first quilts with water reflection imagery….and one of my best in my opinion.


Reflection/Ripples 2008 Valencia campus of the University of New Mexico


 Here are a couple of detail views and some installation views.  The grass reflections are emphasized with [...]

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Images From California Trip

I recently came back from a trip to San Francisco for opera, visit to family, and another “beach-fix”, and of course there is art everywhere.

Here are some images:

From the Turner Exhibit at the de Young

A visit to the de Young Museum in San Francisco was amazing.  I loved seeing how this master painted light and water and produced such magic. I especially liked them as they got more abstracted–more realism was left out. You could feel these storms [...]

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New Waterlines Series Quilt




The first viewing of a new series I’ve called the Waterline Series is called Water On The Bias.  I have been using photos taken of water ripples and reflections at the Locks in Seattle last summer.  I am interested in the stripe quality and almost shibori- like characteristics of these photos.  I have used them pretty much as is, not doing much digital work except enhancing brightness, contrast, and hue saturation in order to get a good print on the [...]

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SAQA donation SOLD

 Another one of my Fireworks Flowers series sold on the first day!!  Nice for my pride and nice for SAQA.  SEE MORE BEAUTIFUL LITTLE QUILTS HERE:

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Reflections of Chihuly at the Denver Botanic Gardens

We in the Denver area are so very fortunate to have the opportunity to see the beautiful artglass installation of Dale Chihuly and his talented crew in company with our beautiful Denver Botanic Gardens.

People are flocking to see this and membership and attendance is way up.  There was even a break-in with a few pieces stolen!


Some critics think he is over-rated but I love the opportunity to see the multiple shapes, forms and lines which are so plant like.



Since I [...]

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More “Found Art” from the Great Sand Dunes

Another installation of “found art” at my favorite place, the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, on a gorgeous morning in July.  Medano Creek was running wide with lots of water spreading over the sand and creating sand pictures. We walked up creek for at least a mile enjoying bare feet in warm water on the sand– a beach experience of the finest caliber     –and art too.














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Patterns from Yellowstone

Photos taken at Yellowstone… obsessed with these patterns at Upper geyser basin







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The need to focus

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part.  A person needs to focus; a person needs time alone to decide what idea to tackle next. Focusing includes accepting the need for limits. My tendency is to want to try or include all kinds of techniques, from hand embroidery, dyeing, painting, mixed media possibilities. I want to add these to my repertoire of digital techniques.  Adding stuff to the quilt is always tempting.  I love other artists’ quilts with beads, paint, paper, [...]

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