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Art in The Embassies — Ulaanbaatar

 I am so pleased that one of my quilts was chosen for display in the Mongolian capitol of Ulaanbaatar by US Ambassador Jennifer Galt.   Urban Reflections:  Lake Merritt #2 will be on display for about 2 years in the Ambassador’s offices.

Ambassador Galt chose several pieces from Colorado fiber artists. The entire show can be seen here as well as other Embassy Exhibits. This is a wonderful program and I am pleased to be part of it.


Urban Reflections #2, Lake Merritt 31″X44″ [...]

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Reflection/Ripples Installed at Valencia campus of UNM



In early November I finally saw one of my digital quilts installed as part of New Mexico’s Art in Public Places Program. It had been 10 months since I was first notified of the purchase. Reflection/Ripples was one of my first quilts with water reflection imagery….and one of my best in my opinion.


Reflection/Ripples 2008 Valencia campus of the University of New Mexico


 Here are a couple of detail views and some installation views.  The grass reflections are emphasized with [...]

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New Quilt Book — “Cutting Edge Art Quilts”



I just got my copy of Cutting Edge Art Quilts by Mary Kerr from Schiffer Publishing.  It is a unique collection of contemporary quilt artists whose works are remaking the definition of quilt.  I am proud to have been chosen to be amongst these artists. 



It includes (now sold) Autumnal Equinox #3: Before the Frost, a portion of which can be seen on the cover collage.



Several other quilts of mine are also featured

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December Show at the Nature Gallery, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Opening on Friday is a show of some of my quilt work entitled “Visions of Trees Dance in My Head”.  It is being shown in the Nature Art Gallery of the Museum Store at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh and runs daily from Friday December 7 through January 2, 2013. It features a selection of favorite works using imagery based on trees and tree lines, all derived from my photographs and digital art. The Museum Store will also have [...]

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America Celebrates! on tour


My quilt, Autumnal Equinox #1: Rain, is on tour with the exhibit called America Celebrates!  This and many other art quilts can be seen until July 22 at the Museum of Texas Tech University in Lubbock.  From there it goes to the Waukesha County Historical Society and Museum in Wisconsin for a long run, August 19, 2012 to June 8 2013.

This quilt is also featured in the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) Portfolio 18.


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Are you still printing photos on fabric?


I get this question often.  –and it is not how I think about what I do. The starting point is still usually a photograph I have taken. It is how I record my world since I don’t like to take the time to draw when I am out walking or whatever. My photographs are how I pay attention to my world. So they are my source material. But most of my quilt designs involve much more digital work before they [...]

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Digital images on scarves

I print many of my digital art images on silk scarf blanks. It is a very finnicky technique with  frequent failures, but when it works the product is beautiful. I have sold a lot them. Currently they are available at the Blue Dome Gallery in Silver City, New Mexico and Show of Hands Gallery in Denver, Colorado, and the Visions Art Museum gift shop in San Diego.


Scarf by [...]

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Aspen tree branches –playing with overlapping layers



We took a hike in the mountains last week wearing our yaktrax over the snow.  I took advantage of the opportunity to photograph the bare branches and trunks of the aspen trees.  Usually known for their gold leaf fall display the are eloquently beautiful in the winter as well.

Most people think of their bark as white, but with the bright snow and without the leaves they show their many true colors. As in much of colorwork contrast is everything.  Against the greens and sky blues they look [...]

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Crocus symmetry


This time of year with one of the first flowers of spring in our region being the humble crocus I am reminded of the quilt I made some years ago.  Liking the close in view I made a composition by repeating the prints, rotating some and flipping others to create a pleasing symmetry. The photo was put through the CutOut filter in Photoshop to simplify the lines and colors a bit. These prints were done on cotton prepared with InkAid before printing, [...]

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Weave: A Celebration of Fiber Arts

Opening tonight at the Longmont Museum and Cultural Center (Colorado) is an exhibit sponsored by the Northern Colorado Weaver’s Guild. It features a variety of contempoary fiber art, and runs from March 10 thru April 29.

My quilt, Autumnal Equinox #2: Hints of Frost,  is in the exhibit and is featured on the cover of the member newsletter.

Hints of Frost 22″ X 27″

Detail 1

Detail 2


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