Painting classes with Jane Davies

I have recently finished a 10 week online course with Jane Davies called 100 Drawings on Cheap Drawing Paper.  I have learned so much and painted soooo much.  Some of these lessons or actual paintings will probably eventually make its way into my art quilt work.  There are so many possibilities, from painting on cloth or over photo or digital images to scanning and printing my paper paintings onto cloth.  In the meantime here are some examples from the class.



3.11 3.8









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EDGE exhibit at Sunderland Gallery

Smoke And Ashes

Smoke And Ashes  by Charlotte Ziebarth


Smoke And Ashes is appearing now at the Sunderland Gallery in Omaha as part of the  EDGE exhibit group.  Here is a link to more information about the exhibit.



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Burnt Water to appear in Art Quilt Elements 2016


I am very pleased to have one of my new quilts appearing in Art Quilt Elements at the Wayne Art Center in Wayne, Pennsylvania. The show opens March 18th and runs through April 28, 2016.

This quilt is one of a series where I am exploring a cutting and layering system of arranging the elements of water imagery in a diagonal manner.  The lines and color blends look so much like the fabrics achieved by shibori dyeing techniques. I have taken on the challenge of working in a different, but very dramatic, color scheme (for me); all the photos of water were changed into sharp reds, yellows and blacks. (The blacks print very nice and black on the prepared silks I get from Jacquard.) The finished work has lovely little bits of greeny turquoise accenting the lines.

Although the arrangement is abstracted, the wavy lines of the cuts and the stitching very much are reminiscent of waves and repetitive wave action, kelp, and things floating in the sea. The coloring suggests water reflections at sunset or the terrible images of forest fire or lava flows entering or reflected in water.



Burnt Water


 This was the piece I was working on when a photographer visited my studio, so here you can see me at the pinwall working on it. I arrange at the wall, pinning sections and moving to the pressing table to fuse…..then back to the pinwall to add some more sections. (You will notice my final selection of orientation is upside down from the way I initially worked on it!)


At the Pinwall



cutting the prints



Under construction


The detail views show the raw edge component and the stitching.  All stitching on this one was done after the placement and fusing. A little bit of satin stitch detail was added here and there.


Detail view



another detail



another detail showing the turquoise accents

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What I’m working on


Collage Study 1

I do  many collage studies before I start a new large quilt.  I print the altered photos on good Epson matte paper and cut, layer, and glue.  This gives me freedom to try lots of different things before I commit to digital ink and yards of silk.

Collage Study 1 is most like the 4 quilts I did last year that will be seen in upcoming shows, Art Quilt Elements 2016 and Fiberarts International 2016 and others…..and thus I think it would make a successful quilt.  But I have done a lot of collage studies of digitally recolored water photos which I also like.  So I’m going to explore some other ideas too. I like playing with the stripes, which look so much like shibori techniques.  And I like the different balances of dark and light in these other studies. I also love this color scheme in its variations in all these studies, mostly based on only 1 photo design.



Collage Study 2



Collage Study 3


The last one is influenced by my acrylic on paper collages I’ve been doing under the influence of Jane Davies. I’ve bought several Gelli printing plates and have really enjoyed the results as well as the pulling prints process.  Some of these mono-prints are going to be photographed and end up on quilts I’m sure.

  I’m starting a new online class with Jane next week, 100 Drawings/Paintings on Cheap Paper.  That will take some discipline! We’ll see what kind of influence that has on my quilt work.

Visit again later to find out…….and to see what this year’s quilts turn out to be…..after all these are only studies and much change can happen along the way.


Collage Study 4


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When people ask me what inspires me I usually say the things I see in nature…lines of trees, shapes of leaves, colors of fall,  ripples in water reflections, the effects of rust, etc.  But that is only part of the story…


Next I get inspired when I start playing around with color in Photoshop..adding a gradient blending layer to a photo or between two photos starts me sighing with the beauty in the resulting paintings…….I have many many such designs on my computer that not yet made their way into larger artworks…….but are inspiring to me nonetheless…. and may get used eventually..

Rust composition
WaterLily 1


…when I print these designs or pieces of digital artwork resulting from my Photoshop play onto paper(good Epson coated Matte paper for rich color) and start cutting and collage work I am inspired by what you can do with these printed bits of pattern and line and color….collage at its finest…

 PaperCollageStudy1 PaperCollageStudy2

..stripes are my current obsession…its amazing how a little variation in spacing and width or solidness of a stripe can make a different  statement…..and then repetition creates a different effect again…and again…and again……Working with my striped fabrics themselves becomes inspiration to see what happens if I cut them, space them,  repeat them.
(See my  pinterst board ) …. stripes from many sources—textiles, collage, paintings, and other sources….

Siftinh Sands Detail

..and then once I do print a design on silk it takes on a different life entirely….. A colorful piece is silk fabric that can be used as is or cut up and used like other lovely fabrics to make an entirely different piece of artwork.  ..with all the possibilities of fabric and letting and stitching…..the physical dimensionality of cloth and thread….

…..So the textiles themselves inspire me too–especially as I work on them.

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Reflection/Ripples Installed at Valencia campus of UNM



In early November I finally saw one of my digital quilts installed as part of New Mexico’s Art in Public Places Program. It had been 10 months since I was first notified of the purchase. Reflection/Ripples was one of my first quilts with water reflection imagery….and one of my best in my opinion.


Reflection-Ripples smallimage

Reflection/Ripples 2008 Valencia campus of the University of New Mexico


 Here are a couple of detail views and some installation views.  The grass reflections are emphasized with gold and blue metallic threads as well as rayon threads.



Reflection/Ripples detail




Reflection/Ripples detail



Identifying plaque



Reflection/Ripples with its plexi cover


Installers from Untitled Art Services

Installers from Untitled Art Services


Additionally here is one of the original photos as well as the photoshop manipulated designs that I used to print on the silk.  The photos were all taken of grasses and weeds reflected in a small stream where we regularly walk.  I liked they way the actual plants blended with the reflections so that you can barely tell which is which except for the lovely wavy ripply lines.

I used one of my usual techniques of overlaying the photo with a color gradation layer using the difference blending mode.  I used several different whole photos repeated with cut sections of other prints separating them. I like how the final result is both abstract and yet retains the reality of grass and water.

IMG_5423original photo

Original photo by Charlotte Ziebarth



IMG_5423 originalphoto2

First digital alteration of original photo by Charlotte Ziebarth


IMG_5423digitalcolor 3

Digitally altered photo by Charlotte Ziebarth


IMG_5423 originaldigital 5 PRINT

Second colorway of digitally altered photo by Charlotte Ziebarth





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Digital Alchemy to open at Quilt Festival in Houston



Jane Dunnewold has put together an exhibit which will open at the Quilt Festival in Houston at the end of the month.  She selected a number of quilts which show the wide variety of artistic uses of digital tools in the art quilt medium.


Smoke and Ashes: Ruins Series #1

Smoke and Ashes: Ruins Series #1

There is an interview with her here on the Spoonflower website. It features a number of the quilts(including mine) and her thoughts about digital quilts.  

Although I don’t use their printing services I know it is an easier way to go for many artists.  And I’m glad to see them encouraging artists in the general art quilt field.

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Visions Art Museum’s Interpretations to include new quilt, Wave Equations



Wave Equations is the first of my new quilts to be on exhibit.  Interpretations, a new juried exhibit, opens Friday in San Diego’s Visions Art Museum, a long time champion and showcase for contemporary art quilts and textiles.  I am very pleased to be included among some of today’s best quilt artists. I am very proud of this quilt and feel it is one of my best yet.


Wave Equations  2015 Charlotte Ziebarth

Wave Equations 2015
Charlotte Ziebarth


Here are some detail shots:

Detail 1

Detail 1

Detail 2

Detail 2


One of the original digitally enhanced photos used in Wave equations

One of the original digitally enhanced photos used in Wave equations

The construction of this quilt uses long curved strips cut from the original digitally enhanced photo of water ripples, like some previous quilts, but this time arranged on the diagonal in undulating waves.

Here are some additional photos illustrating the construction beginnings of a sister quilt called Half Moon Bay, still in a jurying process.

I started by laying the cut strips, with the paper backing from the fusing still on, on the cutting mat to see what angle I wanted to start with.  Then a few at a time I fused them down each layer overlapping the previous layer.  There was much walking back and forth from the pinwall to the fusing table with strips carefully pinned.  I really needed to see them in their vertical orientation and from an appropriate viewing distance.

The designs are developed and finalized as I go along, although they are based on some design collages I have made. These paper collages give me the courage to print, cut, and start in on a large quilt.

Half Moon Bay beginning 1

Beginning Half Moon Bay


Beginning Half Moon Bay

Beginning Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay in progress on the pinwall

Half Moon Bay in progress on the pinwall, partly fused

I am really excited about how these natural stripes from photos of water can be altered, colored, enlarged, and used in many different ways.  The are so shibori like and still convey the ‘wateriness’ of their origin.




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Digitizing Paintings for Art Quilts

Original Painting Design on Paper

Original Painting Design on Paper


I have been exploring the making of painted designs for printing on silk to use in quilts.  This one came from my online class with Jane Davies on Sketchbook Practice.  The original painting is done with acrylic paints on 9 X 12 cheap but nice white sulphite drawing paper from Dick Blick.  It was done, not as a finished composition, but one to be cut up and collaged in different arrangements.








In the 9 X 12 mixed media sketchbook I created a paper collage study with the cut up pieces of the painting.

GreenCircles Paper Collage Study

GreenCircles Paper Collage Study



I had photographed the original painted image at a high resolution before I cut it up.  I could have used a scanner but would have lost some of the edges of the painted design which was larger than my scanner bed. The image size is 2460 X 3408.  I printed the painted design twice onto FabriSign treated charmeuse silk from Jacquard Inkjet Fabrics cut to size 16″ X 24″ ——at about twice their original painted size.  I used two different color controls, Photoshop control and printer control.  The Photoshop controlled color gave intenser colors and blacks, while the printer control yielded browner tones.  Not liking the printer controlled print as much I added some acrylic paint to it, mostly more green areas and some stamped black.  Below is shown the two different digital prints before added painting. The one on the bottom is the Photoshop controlled.  I am sorry I didn’t photograph after painting on the silk.


I applied fusing (WonderUnder) to the back of both prints and proceeded to cut them up.  After a few initial explorations of placements I decided to work on three prepared (backing and batting all fused together) 12X12 inch quilt sandwiches.


One of the 12 X 12 inch pieces being composed

One of the 12 X 12 inch pieces being composed


Here are the three fused quilts before stitching. Feeling the need for more orange in the compositions I added some painted solid colored orange strips. (I have taken to using old texture printing experiments to paint on.)   Knowing what paint I used I was able to pretty closely match the digital print color with the Golden fluid acrylics that I used. I painted a variety of tints of the color so I had choices. The painted fabric areas did not give me any problem with stitching.

The Three Before Stitching

The Three Before Stitching


And here are the three quilts after stitching.


Green Circles #2 Stitched


Green Circle #2 After Stitching


Green Circles #3 After Stitching

I like the reproduction of the brush strokes and the subtleties of color variation in some of the painted areas as well as the slight texture visible in the orange painted fabric areas. I also really like the reproduction of my original mark making even or especially at twice their original size. I feel the loss sometimes of this kind of mark making in my digital art world.  As well I like the ability to go back and forth layering the different processes.

 I think this use of painted designs on paper to digitally reproduce on cloth has loads of possibilities, some in combination with photographed and/or digitally designed images.  I  am eager to try out other ideas.  And I will be photographing other “just painted for collage use” papers, so that I can print them on fabric.

Now all I have to do is decide on presentation.  I am thinking of mounting them on 12 X 12 canvas or linen panels, probably black.

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Why The Moon…SAQA 2015 Benefit Auction






Why The Moon 12x12 quilt_SAQA Auction

Why The Moon mini quilt 12″ x 12″ SAQA Auction 2015

This is the quilt I have donated to the Studio Art Quilt Associates Benefit Auction this year.  It can be seen ( 5th row Second Group) along with other donations and rules of the auction here.



 It was produced as part of a painting series I did earlier this year. I have been painting with acrylics on paper and exploring what I can do on silk also.  How much paint can I layer on and still stitch through it?

I started with a leftover piece of a lightly printed silk from another quilt project which I then painted acrylic circles and rectangles on with sponges, layering different colors on top of one another. There was also some use of other stamped images.

I started with fairly neutral colors, both washes and stamped images, then proceeded to brighter ones as can be seen in the In Progress 2 image. I am practicing under painting. Then I cropped it and added stitchery and some appliqued images. No problems with stitching through the paint this time.

It reminds me of moon calendars where you can see the phases of the moon…and then I see a burnt landscape…too many fires in the west this year! 

SAQA Auction work in progress

In Progress 1

SAQA Auction work in progress2

In Progress 2


Here are some of the paintings that resulted from that series, all related to the moon calendar idea.  They are 11″ x 14″, acrylic on watercolor paper. I’m having fun with these painting explorations. (Taking some online classes from Jane Davies.)

WhyTheMoon Painting 3

Why The Moon Painting 3

WhyTheMoon Painting 2

Why The Moon Painting 2

WhyTheMoon Painting 1

Why The Moon Painting 1




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