Artist Statement

My work is a hybrid of photography, digital art, mixed media, and quilt art.  The inspiration for a quilt begins with the love of a particular image.  Adding to that image on the computer I create a digital art image that is both semi realistic and has elements of painting.  I like to explore the digital alteration possibilities with the lines, colors, and shapes found in my photographs. I print these digital compositions on silk and begin to arrange, overlap, add paint, and layer with other fabrics in a collage like manner.  Stitching onto a second layer makes it a quilt and adds another layer to the story.

More and more it is the abstract qualities of the imagery rather than the pictorial representation that interests me. Usually there is a landscape story or atmosphere to the resulting quilt.





My techniques involve three major activities:


1) Taking Photographs:  I start with realistic or abstract images that I have captured with my camera– single moments in time that focus the attention on the details of what I am observing. I like the idea of “found art” appearing in ordinary things, whether it is drippy lines on walls, the patterns in bark , or distorted images reflected in water.

Artist At Work

Artist At Work…… Great Sand Dunes National Park
Photo by Ken Ziebarth








2) Making Digital Art:   I love playing with, altering, and combining images on the computer. I aim to highlight abstract patterns unnoticed at the initial observation. My resulting images are an exploration of these patterns, both natural and manmade.  The result is often an imagined landscape-like impression which has a sense of both familiarity because it is based on a realistic photograph and also conveys a mysterious unfamiliar beauty.



Charlotte At The Design Wall by David Jennings

Charlotte At The Design Wall
Photo by David Jennings



3) Creating a Quilt: Printing my digital paintings on silk allows me to achieve a richness and depth unlike any other material or process. Cutting, layering and stitching are important parts of my process. Layering of different prints, paints, and other media make it increasingly a mixed media, collage process.  I print my digital designs on silk on an Epson 17″ wide printer using archival pigment inks.

Stitching is fascinating and mesmerizing and allows me to participate in the traditions of the quilter’s world (the repetition of the stitched line, the patterning of grids and block arrangements, and the resulting bas-relief effects of stitched, quilted cloth).  







The combination of my photography, my digital art alterations, and my physical layering and stitching on cloth allows me to tell a multi-layered story of my impressions of the real and imagined landscapes.


detail of Anticipation: Autumnal Equinox #5 Charlotte Ziebarth


More of my techniques can be found on the blog portion of this website, Digital Textile Thoughts, or in my book, Artistic Photo Quilts, available from the publisher, C&T Publishing, quilt stores, or, available as an ebook.  It is now out of print, but Print On Demand copies are available from C&T and I have some copies of the physical book on hand.  Email me if you would like one.

For more information and availability of quilts, please contact the artist: mailto:

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