Reflections of Chihuly at the Denver Botanic Gardens

We in the Denver area are so very fortunate to have the opportunity to see the beautiful artglass installation of Dale Chihuly and his talented crew in company with our beautiful Denver Botanic Gardens.

People are flocking to see this and membership and attendance is way up.  There was even a break-in with a few pieces stolen!


Some critics think he is over-rated but I love the opportunity to see the multiple shapes, forms and lines which are so plant like.



Since I like┬áreflections many of the photographs I took are images reflected in the ponds….. and the glass.


Here are some of my favorites:

Chihuly at DBG 1


Chihuly at DBG 2


Chihuly at DBG 3


Chihuly at DBG 4


Chihuly at DBG 5


Chihuly at DBG 6

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