Pacific Ocean Water Studies

I had the good fortune to spend my holidays in a house overlooking the ocean in northern California. The abnormally warm and dry weather enticed us to walk on the beach everyday and I had plenty of opportunities to study the waves and receding water patterns.  To many this is an everyday sort of thing, but to me, a resident in the semi arid mountain/plains of Colorado, it is rare enough to be very special.

At goat rock








I like to play with various filters to study the essence of a photographic capture of the water as the camera stopped it. One can see the way to draw or paint it better by breaking it down a little.  Below is a cropped portion of the above photo as rendered by two filters: the cutout and the dry brush.  The simplifying that the filters do makes the color pattern more obvious.  As always I love the abstract quality–the essence but no longer very realistic.







Another example using the cutout filter (to edit out some of the details) on the above photo:



–and a different kind of water providing the prismatic color and the lovely repetition of line in the clouds:


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