When people ask me what inspires me I usually say the things I see in nature…lines of trees, shapes of leaves, colors of fall,  ripples in water reflections, the effects of rust, etc.  But that is only part of the story…


Next I get inspired when I start playing around with color in Photoshop..adding a gradient blending layer to a photo or between two photos starts me sighing with the beauty in the resulting paintings…….I have many many such designs on my computer that not yet made their way into larger artworks…….but are inspiring to me nonetheless…. and may get used eventually..

Rust composition
WaterLily 1


…when I print these designs or pieces of digital artwork resulting from my Photoshop play onto paper(good Epson coated Matte paper for rich color) and start cutting and collage work I am inspired by what you can do with these printed bits of pattern and line and color….collage at its finest…

 PaperCollageStudy1 PaperCollageStudy2

..stripes are my current obsession…its amazing how a little variation in spacing and width or solidness of a stripe can make a different  statement…..and then repetition creates a different effect again…and again…and again……Working with my striped fabrics themselves becomes inspiration to see what happens if I cut them, space them,  repeat them.
(See my  pinterst board ) …. stripes from many sources—textiles, collage, paintings, and other sources….

Siftinh Sands Detail

..and then once I do print a design on silk it takes on a different life entirely….. A colorful piece is silk fabric that can be used as is or cut up and used like other lovely fabrics to make an entirely different piece of artwork.  ..with all the possibilities of fabric and letting and stitching…..the physical dimensionality of cloth and thread….

…..So the textiles themselves inspire me too–especially as I work on them.

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