Digital design thoughts and explorations


Have been playing around with digital designs and searching for my next quilt idea to carry out in actual fabric. Many considerations feed into this decision:

What will look dramatic as an overall image? What would be unusual and not done before?

What size and format?

Are the prints able to be printed so they are not pixelated at a large size?  Whole cloth appearance or lots of small fused applique pieces?

What other techniques will I use?….do I have an itch to try?  Do I want to add paint or exposed batting?

How will I stitch it to enhance the concept?

What concept and image speaks to me right now?  What color scheme will I love?

What is a next step? What will stretch me a bit?

 Should I continue an already started series?….or begin a new one?


Should I revive and materialize an older design?  ……like these two that have been waiting in the wings to be used.

P1000087plus bear creek painting

Looks like watered silk




Repeated reflections of people and their clothing in a river


Or should I go with some newer design ideas like this one:

Russian River Reeds

Russian River Reeds

or this one:

Colorful Forest

Colorful Forest

Os some newly worked on but older ideas?

Dark Mists

Dark Mists



Forest Secrets

Forest Secrets

Lots of things to consider before I make the final selection.


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