Reflection/Ripples Installed at Valencia campus of UNM



In early November I finally saw one of my digital quilts installed as part of New Mexico’s Art in Public Places Program. It had been 10 months since I was first notified of the purchase. Reflection/Ripples was one of my first quilts with water reflection imagery….and one of my best in my opinion.


Reflection-Ripples smallimage

Reflection/Ripples 2008 Valencia campus of the University of New Mexico


 Here are a couple of detail views and some installation views.  The grass reflections are emphasized with gold and blue metallic threads as well as rayon threads.



Reflection/Ripples detail




Reflection/Ripples detail



Identifying plaque



Reflection/Ripples with its plexi cover


Installers from Untitled Art Services

Installers from Untitled Art Services


Additionally here is one of the original photos as well as the photoshop manipulated designs that I used to print on the silk.  The photos were all taken of grasses and weeds reflected in a small stream where we regularly walk.  I liked they way the actual plants blended with the reflections so that you can barely tell which is which except for the lovely wavy ripply lines.

I used one of my usual techniques of overlaying the photo with a color gradation layer using the difference blending mode.  I used several different whole photos repeated with cut sections of other prints separating them. I like how the final result is both abstract and yet retains the reality of grass and water.

IMG_5423original photo

Original photo by Charlotte Ziebarth



IMG_5423 originalphoto2

First digital alteration of original photo by Charlotte Ziebarth


IMG_5423digitalcolor 3

Digitally altered photo by Charlotte Ziebarth


IMG_5423 originaldigital 5 PRINT

Second colorway of digitally altered photo by Charlotte Ziebarth





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