Aspen tree branches –playing with overlapping layers



We took a hike in the mountains last week wearing our yaktrax over the snow.  I took advantage of the opportunity to photograph the bare branches and trunks of the aspen trees.  Usually known for their gold leaf fall display the are eloquently beautiful in the winter as well.

Most people think of their bark as white, but with the bright snow and without the leaves they show their many true colors. As in much of colorwork contrast is everything.  Against the greens and sky blues they look whiter, against the snow they look tan, green, even have orange bits. 





I like to play with overlapping copies of several different aspen tree branch photos and make a composition which changes all colors dramatically leaving the crooked line qualities as the important element.  The dramatic color differences come from changing the layer blending modes (my favorite for color drama is the difference blend) and adding gradient fill layers. The tree branches do not need any filters to achieve an other worldly look.  I have yet to do any quilts from these designs.


Aspen Fantasy quilt design

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